Our Vision

We envision an inclusive, intuitive, integrated system that generates, captures, and utilizes evidence to produce and provide the right treatment for the right patient.


Everyone should have the ability to participate--from health data donation to pragmatic trial participation.


It's basic science: clinical and non-clinical researchers must be able to learn from each other’s successes and failures.

Informed Decisions

Data and information are needed to inform decisions affecting health and healthcare.


Clinicians and payers need better information on what works for whom.

The Problems

We hear the same statistics over and over. Bringing a new treatment to market costs anywhere between $800 million and $2 billion and can take over a decade from discovery to market. Attrition in each part of the system has climbed steeply, but most critically at the later, more expensive stages.

These are just symptoms of larger issues that need to be resolved. The larger, overarching problems, are:

Our Recommended Solutions

Missing Human Experience

Critical aspects of the modern human experience are not prioritized in clinical trial design.

Limited Math

Standard statistical approaches inherently restrict clinical research resulting in increased trial complexity and restrictive eligibility criteria, ultimately discouraging participation.

Data Deadlock

Stakeholders are unable or unwilling to share data throughout the system creating missed opportunities for generating knowledge and improving clinical care.

Sausage Making

People are oblivious as to how treatments are developed and brought to market.

Our Recommendations

What must happen for our vision to be realized?


Health data and information must be valuated, exchanged, bought, and sold — not just shared among stakeholders.

Reduce, Recalibrate, Redesign

Exposing inefficiencies in clinical trial design will provide more information for risk-based decisions.

New Math

Pure mathematicians and clinical trialists must work together to invent new mathematical and computational approaches for use in the treatment development system.

Unleash Feedback

The clinical trials system needs platforms and communities where participants can freely share their experiences without compromising trial integrity.

Get The Word Out

Engaging and informing everyone about treatment development is a critical step in transforming the system.

How we got here:

October 9, 2017

Bridging the Collaboration Gap: New Math in the Clinical Trials System

September 25, 2017

Rolling into Recommendations and Getting Input: Reduce, Recalibrate, Redesign

August 14, 2017

Getting the word out

July 24, 2017

An iterative update

May 22, 2017

The team and our process

May 1, 2017

Getting to solutions

April 24, 2017

What kind of system do we want?