Michele Reveals What’s on Her iPhone

Happy New Year to all of our readers! Apart from taking a short break over the holidays, our team has been hard at work. Just before the new year, we spent an intensive week in a design-thinking workshop with our friends from the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Center for Social Design, Patricia and Smile. The goal was to continue synthesizing all research thus far and then move forward with ideating and prototyping; as usual, it was a fascinating process and a great demonstration of the value of design in solving complex problems. While we finish smoothing and clarifying those ideas to share with you, we thought we’d give you a little insight into what makes our team members tick and drop a few hints about topics that have us preoccupied these days. We’d like to credit Wall Street Journal Magazine for the fun format.

Number of unread emails 97 – I try to keep it under 100.

First app checked in the morning Email or Accuweather – I love knowing the “real feel” of the day.

Last app checked before bed  Podcasts – the other night I fell asleep re-listening to Ezra Klein’s interview with President Obama. Our team has spent a good bit of time considering what ACA repeal might mean to clinical research.

Most checked news source  Twitter – is that a news source? I look forward to the daily newsletters from STAT. I check in with them a few times a day.

Favorite podcast  The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast (I love what these guys are doing); STAT’s Signal; and NEJM interviews. NEJM recently did one on the future of clinical trials data sharing, which was exciting and connected well with some of our group’s ongoing work and recent meetings with Project Datasphere and INFORMED.

Site that sucks you in   STAT’s homepage. They just put out a piece on the CVS pricing decision of generic Adrenaclick auto-injectors; it’s great to follow-up on issues our team has also investigated in our Weeknotes.

App most likely to check while working on the Hill Twitter – WaPo, Politico, Vox. I also try to keep an eye on any tweets coming from the offices/committees with whom we are meeting that day.

Best tweet of the week @CNN  Jan 10
An ancient elephant-sized cow could be returning to Europe, hundreds of years after it went extinct http://cnn.it/2jACj3q

Favorite Instagram feed Taking an insta-break! But when I was ‘gramming I loved @theonion, @usinterior, and @medicaltalks.

App I wish someone would invent Bumble for clinical research. Patients find trials and ways to donate data. Researchers find collaborators. Everyone wins.

Favorite emoji

Most surprising app you depend on Google docs and google sheets – our team is spread out across the globe, so these have been great for editing group work on-the-go.