Site Visit to the Cleveland Clinic

Last week, a few of us had the opportunity to meet Professor Clay Christensen, a Strategic Advisor to the Clinical Trial Systems project, at the Harvard Business School. In an honest and thought provoking discussion, we learned that sometimes, the questions are more important than the answers. Below is a list of some of the topics we covered:

Is healthcare designed for people or profits?

  • What is the “job to be done”?
  • Are we generating solutions for problems that we have not yet identified?

Is the development of medicines inherently costly?

  • What are some ways to compete against “non-consumption” in health?
  • How do we create the fewest number of interdependencies in health?

How does the visible hand of management drive good outcomes?

  • Can we imagine a world where managers make decisions in the absence of data?
  • In building integrated systems, how many organizations get around regulation by internalizing regulation?

Photo: [Left] Professor Christensen describes Godrej’s Chotukool, a portable, compact and customizable fridge with no moving parts. Designed for rural India, it is a low-cost solution for bottom of the pyramid customers. [Right] Some of the members of the Clinical Trials System project team with Professor Christensen at his office.

Viva Dadwal